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Power Flushing

Power flushing in South London

Covering Balham, Clapham, Dulwich & across South London

What is Power-flushing?
Power-flushing is an innovative way of improving your central heating system and making it more energy efficient. Originally pioneered by Kamco in conjunction with British Gas, it can give your system a new lease of life and save you the expense and major disruption of a new central heating system installation. The power-flushing procedure is detailed within BS 7593:2006 code of practice and is now recognised by the industry as the most effective system cleansing process


Power Flushing allows for the hard flushing of a central heating system with minimal dismantling. Flushing the system loosens corrosion deposits and sludge which is then removed from the system leaving pipes and radiators clear and free for good circulation. 

SLUDGE – Cause – Effect

Sludge is a residue resulting from the reaction between the water in your system and the steel in the radiators. It can build up over a period of time and cause circulation and flow problems.

Things to look out for:

  • Some radiators are completely or partially cold when the heating is on
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Strange and unpleasant noises from the boiler
  • Repeated pump failures/corrosion deposits in pump casing.



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